Volume One Ready to Purchase

It has arrived!

Hi everyone! I am excited to announce that volume one of The Dauntless Gambit is ready to purchase in ebook and paperback format! You’ll love both the story and the editing!

Covering the first fifteen episodes of the text/audio serial, this is the perfect way to own a copy of the story and get caught up in one easy volume. Seeing this for the first time and want to remember the trailer? Watch (or read) below!

Back of the book blurb (same as the video trailer!):

The Dauntless—an Imperium Navy starship–vanished while answering a distress call outside the borders of imperial space. Ship and crew: gone.

The Red Kestrels, paramilitary activists and outer-sector thugs, are thought responsible. But, for a small, fringe group like the Kestrels, pulling off a heist of this scale and risking the wrath of the empire isn’t just unlikely, it defies reason.

Imperium field-operative Samantha Mori is hunting down a Kestrel lead when startling new intelligence offers a more plausible—and damning—explanation, one which threatens not only her mission, but the stability of the empire. When a dangerous figure from her past offers an ultimatum, Samantha must abandon her plans and turn to an unlikely ally that no one, including herself, would have suspected.

Far outside the empire, freelance ship captain Decker Sagan is out of both funds and luck. When an unsavory offer for easy money arrives, he is forced to consider that his principles might be a luxury he can’t afford. One quick job, what could go wrong?

With all her loyalties severed, Samantha’s adversaries have all the advantages: they are ten steps ahead, have unlimited resources, and control the story they want the public to hear. Samantha has just one: everyone underestimates how much damage a rogue agent with a vendetta can do.

And Samantha is determined to show them.

Paperback for that hands-on feel!

The Dauntless Gambit, Volume One is ready to hit your mailbox as a paperback if you want to own the physical copy and read it with the feeling of the fibers under your fingertips.

This is the full text of episodes 1-15, the exact same words as read by the narrator.

With 250 pages of story, this is an independent publication I hope you’ll find is as polished and well-edited as anything you’d find in the bookstore or library. We certainly tried!

Ebook with Kindle Unlimited enabled!

Volume one is also available in ebook format, put together for easy consumption on any Kindle e-reader or Kindle app on mobile or desktop.

If you’re new to The Dauntless Gambit and want to read episodes 1-15 this way to catch-up to the podcast, you can read it all with same comfort and ease as any other ebook.

And, if you’re a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited, you can read for free as a part of that subscription!

Audible coming soon!

Getting a book through the Audible audiobook process takes longer than I had anticipated, so that is coming as quickly as I can go through the process. Of course, you can always listen to the podcast if you want to jump right in to the audio for episodes 1-15!