The Dauntless Gambit

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Episode 36
Welcome to the conspiracy’s conspiracy
November 26th, 2020
Julian, Qin, and Yadav have a private conversation in a more hospitable environment. At 5E headquarters, Clarke has a reunion with an old friend… and a request to make.
Episode 35
This sort of crusade
November 23rd, 2020
Back on Senali, Samantha must prepare for her confrontation with Kat Basara. This time, there’s no 5E or rules of engagement to hold her back. It’s time for her to gear-up and get the crew of the Matilda to back her plan.
Episode 34
An unofficial ancillary asset
November 19th, 2020
Qin’s missions have converged into one: find dirt on Renic. But, without evidence, she can’t alert him or anyone else in OS-9. If Yadav were to help, however, that could change things. Qin needs an ally… and a friend.
Episode 33
A real mission
November 16th, 2020
On route in jumpspace to Senali, the crew of the Matilda has one last chance to decide if they are in our out with Samantha’s quest. Kat Basar is in Samantha’s sights, but she can’t do it alone. Time to rally the team.
Episode 32
Now is the time to cooperate
November 5th, 2020
Julian faces his punishment for Clarke and Samantha crossing Renic, though his visitors are not who he was expecting.
All on the same team
November 2nd, 2020
Renic returns to the Terminus, ready to face one of his newest adversaries: an OS-9 staff meeting. He has a plan to add some intrigue to the monotony. Later, Qin receives another unexpected request.


Episode 30 – SEASON 1 FINALE
Nothing to worry about
September 10, 2020
The crew of the Matilda, Samantha included, have finished their business on Mentaryd. With new information, and new things to hide, they are ready to take on the mission they were all originally brought together to do: get Samantha to Senali.
Episode 29
September 7, 2020
Qin’s must adapt to her new mission. Everything will be okay, it’s not like anyone is looking for her. Right?
Episode 28
Some sort of double-cross
September 3, 2020
Decker and Reed have a visit. Sellivan does some exploration into the Matilda’s new passenger.
Episode 27
The Intersystem Unified Police
August 31, 2020
On Mentaryd, Samantha and Eliza have a mission to carry out. Only it’s not a mission. And it’s not Samantha and Eliza. Enter: Officers Annabelle and Merriweather. Someone has some explaining to do.
Episode 26
What would Samantha do
August 27, 2020
Decker finds himself in a conversation he thought he was prepared to have. Turns out, maybe he wasn’t. He looks for inspiration as to how to handle the situation in an unlikely role-model.
Episode 25
A collection of theoretical mathematics
August 24, 2020
Julian, Qin, and Renic all have one final task to complete before they can call it a day.
Episode 24
No funny business
August 20, 2020
Decker, Samantha, and the crew of the Matilda have arrived over Mentaryd, a Fringe planet far from the conflict over Kestris. They have just one task: get the Matilda patched up and ready to continue with the mission. That’s what they presume.
Episode 23
A bit of an intelligence incident
August 17, 2020
Clarke receives a visit from Renic. A battle of wits ensues.
Episode 22
Welcome to the Fringe
August 13, 2020
The Matilda has arrived in the Mentaryd system. Samantha has one last chance to change Decker’s mind.
Episode 21
Total control
August 3, 2020
Renic sees a new side of Gallow. Mistakes are made, but he recovers. The Naval Special Investigation Division make first use of its facilities.
Episode 20
To prove a point
July 30, 2020
On the Matilda, conversations force both Samantha and Decker to reconsider what they thought was true.
Episode 19
Those who defy me
July 27, 2020
Qin and Yadav notice a new visitor. Renic attends a meeting on the Terminus. New orders are executed.
Episode 19
Those who defy me
July 27, 2020
Qin and Yadav notice a new visitor. Renic attends a meeting on the Terminus. New orders are executed.
Episode 18
Spy stuff
July 23, 2020
The Matilda and its crew made it away from Starview Station without a moment to spare. Decker and Samantha have a heart to heart. Manu makes some plans of his own.
Episode 17
We all have our routines
July 20, 2020
Introducing OS-9 intelligence analyst Lieutenant Qin Meredessi. Her life as a permanent resident and crew member aboard the Terminus is about to get more interesting. Julian makes a discovery that Clarke must know about. The gambit is in full effect.
Episode 16
Justice by whatever means necessary
July 16, 2020
The High Imperius speaks. Renic assumes a new role.
A foregone conclusion
July 13, 2020
Samantha and Decker face a choice.
Right place, right time
July 13, 2020
It’s time for Samantha to leave Kestris and carry out her mission. All she needs to do is get into orbit, get to Decker’s ship, and she’s out. Nothing to it. Turns out, she’s not the only one with plans.
Episode 13
Well, so long
July 9, 2020
The crew of the Matilda have a decision to make. Busted-up ship, dead guy in the cargo hold, a few angry corporations after them. How much worse can Samantha’s offer be than that?
Episode 12
A merciless, infinite pull
July 6, 2020
Enter: Gallow.
Episode 11
The fleet marshal sends his thanks
July 2, 2020
Renic’s final day as a 5E agent is coming near. He’s done what Gallow has asked, just one more task to complete before making his final report. Helping orchestrate the downfall of the empire is a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.
Episode 10
One big job. Easy money
June 29, 2020
Busted ship. Wounded arm. Ruined pride. Decker is scraping both the bottom of his confidence and his bank accounts. Life on the Matilda was supposed to free him; it hasn’t freed him from anything. He just needs one break, one chance to get back on his feet. Then, a message appears.
Episode 9
Some good, some bad. Some real bad
June 25, 2020
Finding the right help is never easy. When you’re an covert agent on the run looking for a way off planet, about to be disavowed and your face added to the Imperium’s most-wanted lists, it’s almost impossible. It’s time for Samantha to consult her list; not that list, the other list.
Episode 8
Better luck next time
June 22, 2020
It was supposed to be a routine job, a simple bag and tag bounty. All Decker wants is to get the package back to his ship, the Matilda, and to get off of Talius to collect his payment. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.
Episode 7
Time to disappear
June 18, 2020
Samantha’s mind is set; it’s time to take action and there’s no argument and no person who can dissuade her. Pack a bag, throw on a jacket, and she’s gone. Or is she?
Episode 6
Just the comforting void of nothingness
June 15, 2020
Samantha has to come to terms with her new mission. While planning a path toward the future, her past comes knocking.
Episode 5
Okay. How do we want to do this?
June 11, 2020
A secret, off-the-books back alley meeting. All the cloak-and-dagger Samantha has come to expect as a 5E agent. The audience for this meeting, though, that’s a new one.
Episode 4
Do not let government life bring you down
June 8, 2020
It’s business as usual for Samantha. Having returned back to Kestris with nothing but bad data and more questions than answers, there’s a few adversary she must face: bureaucracy.
Episode 3
A bloody means to a greater end
June 4, 2020
The only thing harsher and more punishing than the Fringe planet of Dradari are the people who choose to live there… it’s the perfect place for the Red Kestrels to host their unlikely guest. A deal is struck between adversaries-turned-allies.
Episode 2
I’m fine. It’s fine
June 1, 2020
Sometimes, coming down from a mission is the hardest part. With nothing but unknowns and orders to return home, Samantha is forced to leave her mission, and vendetta, on hold.
Episode 1 – Series Premiere
Lights out
June 1, 2020
On a routine raid-and-interrogate assignment, Imperium agent Samantha Mori extracts an answer from her unwilling subject almost too implausible to believe. The information threatens not just her mission, but the empire itself.

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