People, Places, & Props Glossary

Need a refresh on characters? This is an ongoing list of major and minor characters who have been introduced up to the most current episode posted. If you are not up to the most recent chapter, be wary of spoilers and don’t read too far down the list.

Ships, places, and other non-person entities are included when they appear with sufficient detail so as not to spoil future surprises.

Characters who are only mentioned are left out until they make an appearance. Background characters are also left out.

Episode 1:
  • Samantha Mori: Covert agent for an Imperium intelligence and espionage agency informally known as 5E.
  • Julian Siddig: Covert analyst and controller for an Imperium intelligence and espionage agency informally known as 5E.
  • Eddie Renner: Member of the Red Kestrels activist group and computer technician.
  • Senali (place, planet): Planet in The Fringe with a Red Kestrel chapter.
  • The Fringe (place): Region of space that neighbors the Imperium and whose systems/planets are outside of Imperium control.
  • The Imperium (government entity): The dominating empire in the sector. Consisting of 11 systems, each with several planets, the Imperium is the only unified force.
  • Kestris (place, planet): The central system in the Imperium and home to the planet of the same name. The Imperium capital is located on the planet in a sprawling Kestris City.
  • The Red Kestrels (group): Group of political activists located throughout the Fringe, the Red Kestrels are seen as agitators by the Imperium at best, terrorists at worst. They are a loosely organized group of paramilitary chapters that wage an insurgency against the Imperium throughout the Fringe.
  • The Dauntless (vessel): The Dauntless is a Imperium Navy corvette that was allegedly hijacked by the Red Kestrels in the recent past while on a questionable mission outside of Imperium space.
  • 5E (entity): A covert Imperium intelligence organization.
  • Halo (device): A medical device that can put a person into a comatose, or near-comatose, state. Used in lieu of chemical anesthesia. Use of a halo or halo-like device is prohibited by Imperium law during interrogations.
Episode 2:
  • Mosston (vessel): An Imperium Navy cruiser.
  • Nighthawk (vessel): Clandestine short-range insertion vessel used by Samantha on agency missions.
Episode 3:
  • Reed Casto (person): Co-founder and de facto leader of the Red Kestrels, currently running his operation on the distant Fringe planet of Dradari.
  • Renic Tau (person): Imperium covert operative and special resource to Fleet Marshal Gallow.
  • Unnamed corvette (vessel): A highly advanced and undocumented navy corvette, it is currently Renic’s private transportation throughout the sector.
  • Dradari (place, planet): A harsh, hot desert planet in the Fringe. Dradari is a place where might equals right and the rule of law is enforced by whoever is strongest. Home to millions, Dradari is where the Red Kestrels was founded and currently serves as their main chapter’s base of operations.
  • The sector (location): The area of the galaxy consisting of thousands of systems where the Kestris Imperium, Fringe, and plot of The Dauntless Gambit take place.
Episode 4:
  • Director Clarke (person): Samantha’s supervisor, a director in the Office of Information Security.
  • Office of Information Security (aka 5E) (entity): The agency which employs Samantha, Julian, and Director Clarke. Otherwise known as 5E.
  • Taze (substance): A potent, medical-grade stimulant that enhances the sense and allows for a user to go for days without a need for rest or sleep… at a cost.
  • Defense Minister Archer (person): The civilian defense minister that serves beneath the High Imperius and the cabinet member who 5E’s organization resides under.
Episode 5:
  • Terminus (vessel): The flagship of the Imperium first fleet and Fleet Marshal Gallow’s command ship. Oriented vertically like a skyscraper, the Terminus is a veritable fleet all on its own, unmatched by anything in the sector.
Episode 6:

Episode 6 does not introduce new people, places, or props (if you think something should be here, contact me).

Episode 7:

Episode 7 does not introduce new people, places, or props (if you think something should be here, contact me).

Episode 8:
  • Decker (person): Co-owner of the Matilda. Fringe native and former Imperium Navy, Decker is now making his way through the sector as a mercenary drifter.
  • Eliza (person): Freelance enforcer, Eliza uses her cybernetic augmentations to carry out the tasks needed when hired as muscle.
  • Manu (person): Co-owner of the Matilda, Manu is the pilot and business manager for he and Decker’s operation.
  • Sellivan (person): Navigator and technician for the Matilda, Sellivan is also the ship’s un-asked-for chaplain.
  • Heavy (person): The Matilda’s engineer, Heavy is a man of gigantic proportions and gigantic optimism.
  • Matilda (vessel): A decades-old freighter ship from a previous generation, the Matilda is the analog-first home for Decker and his crew.
  • Jerith (person): Professional thief hired by Fioli to pull-off a corporate art heist.
  • Fioli (person): CEO of a wealthy Fringe corporation, Fioli hired Decker to track down the art-thief Jerity.
  • IoCorp (entity): Corporation who hired Jerith to steal Fioli’s valuable art in a corporate prank-war.
  • Talius (place, planet): Talius is a Fringe planet known for wealthy corporations, and they don’t take kindle to mercenary hijinks. Home to IoCorp.
Episode 9:
  • The Radiance (place): A luxury resort in the southern hemisphere of Kestris, the Radiance is a place where those who want to stay off-the-grid go to hide out and plot in luxury.
  • Adoni (person): A Dai’Reen concierge who makes sure that all their guests get exactly what they request, for a price.
Episode 10:
  • Clarita Station (place): A space station orbiting the planet of the same name, a decent rest-stop for ships traversing the Fringe to resupply and plug into the sector data feeds.
Episode 11:
  • Hannen and Ludo (people): Red Kestrel infiltrators living on Kestris.
  • Fleet Marshal Beckman Gallow (person): Highest ranking member and leader of the Imperium Navy, commander of the Terminus.
Episode 12:
  • The Creator (entity): The deity at the head of Gallow’s religion, public worship of the Creator has been banned by the Imperium for decades.
  • Captain Alaudae (person): One of the highest ranking members of Gallow’s honor guard, as well as Gallow’s chief personal attendant.
Episode 13:

Episode 13 does not introduce new people, places, or props (if you think something should be here, contact me).

Episode 14:
  • Starview Station Interstellar Spaceport (place): One of Kestris’s most active civilian transport hubs, Starview is an enormous orbiting structure servicing tens of thousands of travelers each day as they jump in and out of the center of the Imperium
Episode 15:

Episode 15 does not introduce new people, places, or props (if you think something should be here, contact me).

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