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The Dauntless Gambit is a sci-fi espionage action-drama written as a novel and being released as a FREE serial in twice-weekly text and audio episodes!

The story continues each Monday and Thursday with audio episodes available on all major podcast services as well as full-text versions posted to

The first episode launched June 1st, 2020. With an estimated 64 episodes total, the story covers almost 8 months of new, twice-weekly content to look forward to!

Best of all, The Dauntless Gambit is available FREE.

“Back of the book” blurb:

The Dauntless—an Imperium Navy starship–vanished while answering a distress call outside the borders of imperial space. Ship and crew: gone.

The Red Kestrels, paramilitary activists and outer-sector thugs, are thought responsible. But, for a small, fringe group like the Kestrels, pulling off a heist of this scale and risking the wrath of the empire isn’t just unlikely, it defies reason.

Imperium field-operative Samantha Mori is hunting down a Kestrel lead when startling new intelligence offers a more plausible—and damning—explanation, one which threatens not only her mission, but the stability of the empire. When a dangerous figure from her past offers an ultimatum, Samantha must abandon her plans and turn to an unlikely ally that no one, including herself, would have suspected.

Far outside the empire, freelance ship captain Decker Sagan is out of both funds and luck. When an unsavory offer for easy money arrives, he is forced to consider that his principles might be a luxury he can’t afford. One quick job, what could go wrong?

With all her loyalties severed, Samantha’s adversaries have all the advantages: they are ten steps ahead, have unlimited resources, and control the story they want the public to hear. Samantha has just one: everyone underestimates how much damage a rogue agent with a vendetta can do.

And Samantha is determined to show them.

Watch the narrated video trailer here!

About the project

The prose is written and edited in the same fashion as a novel, going through a draft, rewrite, substantive edit, revision, proof, and a final narration prep. It is not written as an audio drama; the words and narrative are constructed as a full-length, prose fiction novel.

What makes it unique

Text episodes: Each episode is first written and edited as prose fiction, simultaneously posted as text on and available to read in an easy online e-reader.

Audio experience: Every episode is professionally narrated, each character brought to life with distinct yet restrained voice acting without sound effects or music.

Product experience: An independent production that is edited and narrated by professionals. Each episode is intended to feel like mainstream fiction one would find in bookstores and online retailers.

Release schedule: Released every Monday and Thursday, on target to conclude with 64 episodes. A typical episode is 30-35 minutes, with a completed runtime estimated of 35 hours (320,000 words).

The plan

The Dauntless Gambit is scheduled to ship every Monday and Thursday from June 1st 2020 to late December 2020 with 64 episodes, totaling around 35 hours of audio and 900 paperback pages.

Along with the free podcast, the story will be released as 4 volumes that each contain 25% of the story, available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook on Amazon and Audible. A final omnibus will be released as a single book and audiobook of the entire story.

A sequel to The Dauntless Gambit is planned and will be evaluated once the first run is complete.

Not quite just-in-time, but close.

The complete first draft of the story was written as a novel an is already finished. Each week, two new episodes are rewritten, edited, revised, proofed and recorded, with a 3-week release delay.

Developmental editing, line editing, and proofing is done by Hannah Reedy. Narration is by Chris Lynch.

About the author

Erik Flowers is originally from the desert southwest who currently resides in a 130-year old colonial house in Maine. The Dauntless Gambit is his first professional fiction project. He writes

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The Dauntless Gambit is currently posted to the following podcast services, as well as each episode being available as text on


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