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The Dauntless Gambit is a NEW space-opera released as text and audio. Read or listen! Check out the trailer:

The Dauntless—an Imperium Navy starship–vanished while answering a distress call outside the borders of imperial space. Ship and crew: gone.

The Red Kestrels, paramilitary activists and outer-sector thugs, are thought responsible. But, for a small, fringe group like the Kestrels, pulling off a heist of this scale and risking the wrath of the empire isn’t just unlikely, it defies reason.

Imperium field-operative Samantha Mori is hunting down a Kestrel lead when startling new intelligence offers a more plausible—and damning—explanation, one which threatens not only her mission, but the stability of the empire. When a dangerous figure from her past offers an ultimatum, Samantha must abandon her plans and turn to an unlikely ally that no one, including herself, would have suspected.

Far outside the empire, freelance ship captain Decker Sagan is out of both funds and luck. When an unsavory offer for easy money arrives, he is forced to consider that his principles might be a luxury he can’t afford. One quick job, what could go wrong?

With all her loyalties severed, Samantha’s adversaries have all the advantages: they are ten steps ahead, have unlimited resources, and control the story they want the public to hear. Samantha has just one: everyone underestimates how much damage a rogue agent with a vendetta can do.

And Samantha is determined to show them.

About this story

The Dauntless Gambit is a sci-fi espionage action-drama written as a novel and being released as a FREE serial in twice-weekly text and audio episodes!

The story continues each Monday and Thursday. If you like to read, you can do that right here on this site. If audiobooks are your preference, each episode is also posted to all major podcast providers!

The first episode launched June 1st, 2020. With an estimated 60-70 episodes total, almost 8 months of new weekly content to look forward to!

Best of all, The Dauntless Gambit is available FREE. Start reading or listening to episode one now!

The gambit is waiting, start reading or listening now!

Episode One: Lights Out

“Lights out in three, two, one. Go.”

The voice in Samantha’s ear went silent just as the power to the overhead lights were cut, the night vision overlay of the hallway coming to life through the transparent surface of her visor. Wasting no time, she pivoted away from the wall she had been pressed against and sprinted into the room.

Samantha’s visor automatically adjusted the augmented overlay of the image it projected onto her retina to compensate for the contrast of light and dark, allowing her to see the layout of the room even as her targets scrambled to comprehend what was happening. Though the lights in this section of the building had been deactivated, the computer systems that lined the walls and desks all had their own uninterruptible power supplies, their screens and indicator lights leaving just enough darkness for Samantha to do her work.

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The Dauntless Gambit is an independent production made by a few very passionate creators. Want to know more about the project and author? Visit The Dauntless Gambit’s homepage!