Hello service design enthusiasts

Hello everyone, Erik from Practical Service Design here.You may remember me from such things as the online video course on Practical Service Blueprinting, the ebook of the same name, or maybe from a design conference of some sort.

If any of this stuff, or any of the articles I’ve written over the years on UX and service design have been of interest for you, hang on to your hats because I’ve got something major to announce:

An exciting new chapter

Well, I’ve got a whole new project that is totally, entirely different! Did you know I’m also a fiction author? And I’ve unleashed my first work of professional fiction onto the world!

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been working in seclusion to write the manuscript of my first novel. In the spirit of testing new media and innovative ways to deliver customer experiences, I decided to publish the book a chapter at a time, twice a week, in text and audio format! I present to you: The Dauntless Gambit.

Written and produced by yours truly (and edited and narrated by real professionals), The Dauntless Gambit is a sci-fi espionage action-drama that follows the story of covert government agent Samantha Mori and drifter starship pilot Decker as they race against the clock to figure out who is behind a plot to overthrow the empire. Check out the project page and trailer video here!

With the first episode launched on June 1st, the first 12 episodes are already available, with a big act-1 finale coming in episode 14 and 15 on July 13th! I’ve got 64 episodes in the pipeline which will give you 2 new episodes a week up until Christmas 2020. This is the equivalent of a 900 page paperback or 35 hour audiobook. Now that’s some content!

And, for people who like to buy things, the story will be released as 4 volumes (each 25% of the story) in paperback, ebook, and audiobook on Amazon/Audible along the way for people who want to own a copy or experiencing it in their hands!

Quality you expect

This is an independent production, but I put all the same care and attention into it as I do any other product I want people to experience and enjoy. Every word is edited by a professional editor (multiple times) and the narrator is a Hollywood-caliber voice actor who will delight your eardrums. Need to hear for yourself? Just hit play:

Episode 1 – Series Premiere
Lights out
June 1, 2020
On a routine raid-and-interrogate assignment, Imperium agent Samantha Mori extracts an answer from her unwilling subject almost too implausible to believe. The information threatens not just her mission, but the empire itself.

I stuck to my principles about not compromising user-experience, and this book/podcast is one that should feel as real and as premium as anything you’d find in stores or streaming on TV.

And don’t forget: if reading is your thing and you want to experience the story like a book, every chapter (the narrative text) is posted right here on the website, just sign up for email updates to get a brief notice from me when the next one arrives.

Let this be your new show to binge!

Tired of scrolling through the endless shows on all the streaming services and podcast apps? Search no further!

If you like what I brought you in the world of service design content, I would love if you gave my book and fiction podcast a shot! The series is live and ready to listen, head over to the table of contents to get started, or jump in with your favorite podcast service and subscribe:

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I’ve got LOTS of books, audiobooks, fiction podcasts, and graphic novels coming your way, but I need an audience, so take part!