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Everything I do is for the benefit of you, the audience. I’m working as hard as I can to bring you what I hope is enjoyable, engaging works of fiction. If you find something from me you like, this is the place to let me know and be notified of what is new and next!

Current projects I am actively working on I will keep you informed of:

The semi-weekly free serial novel and audiobook, new chapters posted each Tuesday and Saturday morning. The Dauntless Gambit, a space-opera that blends the soft sci-fi feel of settings like Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Altered Carbon, Bladerunner combined with the geopolitical spy-vs-spy stories similar to Tom Clancy, Homeland, Counterpart, Agents of SHIELD, and The Americans.

Updates and preview material for a multi-book fantasy series to be released in full-length novel format. The Zaar Chronicles is a fantasy tale about a character who is not special, not the center of a prophecy, not of noble birth, nothing but someone born with an ability that appears to be more dangerous than it is useful.

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