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The list of potential projects is a mile long, but these are the ones that are underway and guaranteed to see the light of day. Full length novels, serials, audio and graphic-novel companions, there’s some of everything!

The Dauntless Gambit

Serially-released galactic spy-vs-spy novel. Written and audio formats available.

A hijacked warship vanishes on the edge of Imperium space. An activist—some say terrorist—group claims credit for the act, an act well beyond of their known capabilities.

On the Imperium’s home planet, a trio of intelligence operatives know something isn’t adding up. Unable to turn to, or trust, their own empire, the only chance they have at gaining an advantage could prove to be one they can never come back from.

The Dauntless Gambit is a “soft sci-fi” spy-vs-spy, geopolitical adventure that pits rogue agent Samantha Mori and freelance drifter Decker Sagan against the forces of the Imperium, an empire past its prime that is fighting to maintain its relevance in the sector.

The first book was written as a single manuscript and is being released as a serial story, two episodes a week in to read or listen to. If that sounds interesting, click below to read the “back of the book” blurb and then you can start reading chapter 1 right now!

“The Zaar Chronicles”

Book one of a fantasy series, coming soon as full-length novels in print, ebook, audiobook, with bonus graphic novellas!

(Real title TBD!)

Born with a twisted spine and lack of physical stature, Zaar is a disregarded outcast in the brutish culture of Easthome, a remote desert city and mining colony run by violent unions where might equals right.

Financially destitute with only his wits and his walking staff, Zaar has no might, but he does posses a hidden—and growing—ability: Zaar is discovering that he is a Feeler, someone who possesses the ability to sense the invisible layer of magic called the Fabric that binds his world together, buck lack the ability to affect it.

Zaar’s nature earns him the scorn of the crude and ignorant people around him, even his own father resents his existence. But, Zaar is learning that while might will always equal right in Easthome, might doesn’t always have to equal raw force.

When his magical sensitivity leads him to new source of power, a previously inaccessible avenue for negotiating a better life for himself opens up. What he has to negotiate away in exchange, though, may be more than he is willing to pay.

The Zaar Chronicles is the project name for a series of fantasy books centered around a character named—you guessed it—Zaar. A fantasy story where there are no prophecies, no chosen-ones, and every inch of progress is earned at great cost, the first book of the Zaar Chronicles introduces you to a place where the people are as rough and dirty as the desert landscape they inhabit.

The Zaar Chronicles explore themes of broken mentors, exploited gifts, and compromising your values in order to reach—what you hope are—greater goals.

Project Haven

Standalone fantasy novel in print and audio

(Official Name TBD)

The world is cooling. Only two seasons exist: winter, and the freezing nightmare that splits it for several months each year. And, that nightmare is getting longer.

A century ago, magical domes were constructed over the centers of major cities across the land, their interiors warmed by a perpetual day given by the warm and glowing sunstone suspended from the apex of each dome. The sunstone allows those fortunate enough to live within the dome’s boundaries to stay warm, dry, and bathed in the constant orange light. Everyone else, they live and work in the parts of the city that surround the dome, left to the cold, desperate for the few hours of warmth they are invited Inside to come work.

Among these Outsiders are a gravedigger who creates her own business, a furniture maker with a vendetta building more than just table and chairs, a diplomat with a life-threatening secret and plan to infiltrate the ruling class, and a refugee from a fallen city who is finding his former wealth is useless in getting his plea heard, the plea on the tongues of all those out in the cold: let us in.

The story of Haven is planned as a standalone a fantasy novel with room for a sequel, but outlined to have a definite—and satisfying—ending.

The Haven Project explores themes in a raw, brutal fantasy world where the situation and environment make the norms of ethics, morality, and common decently something very unlike those of our own. Things can get strange when the concept of “right or wrong” is replaced by “warm or cold.”

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