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Hello Mural. I’ve made this video cover letter for you, please enjoy and reach out! eflowers@gmail.com! LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/erikflowers/ (Dropbox link in case there’s a problem with the embed)

Episode Posted

Episode 60 available now!

Samantha, Decker, and the crew of the Matilda both new and old come to terms with the new path ahead. PLUS: The epilogue reveals one of the most critical unanswered questions!

Episode 60: The trail of loose-ends and unfinished business

The observation bridge on the Matilda was Samantha’s last refuge for quiet conversation on the newly crowded ship. The wrap-around windows revealed the black nothingness of jumpspace, and the only light on the bridge came from the multi-colored plastic bulbs on the various control panels, display screens, and other antiquated hardware that powered the rugged […]

Volume 4

Vol 4 landing page.

Episode Posted

Episode 59 available now!

Qin, Renic, and Gallow react to the news that will change the sector forever.

Episode 59: A complete, unsullied victory

For the first time since being assigned to the Terminus, Qin awoke and was not alone in her bed. She turned her head against her pillow and saw the back of Yadav’s head asleep next to her. Their concerns about crew fraternization approvals were irrelevant now. As Qin learned when she accepted the armor-capped uniform from […]

Episode Posted

Episode 58 available now!

Reunited on the Matilda, Samantha, Decker, and the crew consider what to do next when it appears that Gallow has won completely. Or has he?

Episode 58: You never name names

The crew and passengers of the Matilda, both old and new, gathered in the lounge. Decker leaned against the galley bar, nether cartridge between his teeth. The strain from their incursion on Kestris had eased, and now Fringe-drifter and Imperium-defector alike found ways to step back from the mayhem they’d left behind. Everyone was together […]

Episode Posted

Episode 57 available now!

Renic returns to Kestris City.

Episode 57: There are none left to challenge

Renic kept his eyes forward, unfocused, as he crossed the floor of the Naval Special Investigation Division. Operatives stepped aside as he approached, their blurred shapes seeming to glance at him, some saluting. He recognized none of them. Blank-faced and ignoring his surroundings, Renic continued his march in silence. There was nothing any of these […]